Cyber inSecurity

The “Gordian knot” of today

It is known that person is the weakest link in the security chain.

Identify Security Software Inc. is a Cybersecurity Consulting & Engineering Enterprise. In the past decade, a team of cybersecurity professionals
researched and analyzed the cybersecurity arena, the prevailing trends, and limitations of prevailing security technologies. Acquired, tested, and
analyzed products, and followed up on the marked responses and test results. Analyzed the needs, expectations and requirements of the public, the
industry and the nation as a whole to secure their digital domains in a socially responsible way to assure security, privacy and confidentiality.
Our conclusion is that fundamental changes are needed in order to secure cyberspace and we made it our mission to find a workable, and
socially acceptable solution.

Contact: Ferenc; or Chris; 561 244-2524