Autonomous Identity Authentication

Unparalleled security solution for physical and logical access control

A truly unique user experience, Security and Confidentiality is assured by our new security software platform. Progressive continuous scanning of multiple biometric sensors sanctifies a person’s unique biometric identity.

Negates security breaches, impersonation attempts, ID thefts and provide the right people with the right access with the goal of increasing security and productivity, while decreasing the cost and eliminating the downtime to resource access. Our iDentifyME™ (Patent pending) solution is an Autonomous biometric security platform based on the preponderance of progressive and perpetual observation of life signs, presence and multiple bio-metric digital native attributes of a human subject with time and place references as a component to identify & authenticate a live person.

Our process acquires the full biometric description of a human subject, offering total and secure access as long as the person is within sensor detection range. Consequently eliminating the need for people to perform specific tasks to gain access or terminate access as they use resources. This new platform helps bring human recognition software technology to the next level.

New White Paper: Autonomous Identity Authentication

This white paper highlights the relationship between Cyber Security and Identity Access Management, assess related data security issues, and propose a fundamentally new way to think and ways to deal with it. Click on the link above to request your copy.