Cyber Security and Identity Theft
Our Modern Days Menace

The solution to security and protection of identity lays in Access Control to establish trust in our digital world!

Ai for iam

AI for IAM

Deploying Artificial Intelligence for Identity Access Management as the next generation of Dynamic-Software for physical and logical access control.

The answer to “Global Identity Dilemma” *

“Reduce reliance on Static Biometric Data” *and move toward Dynamic Live Authentication.

*“Biometrics is no different in that sense than any other type of static data point that can be replayed, copied and reused. They can only assess the likelihood and probability that you are who you say you are." Avivah Litan, Gartner Research

An emerging new powerful tool: iDentifyMETM for the CTO-CIO to assure that the person at a checkpoint is a true live person who is what he/she claims to be.

Artificial Intelligence to emulate person to person recognition

Following the principles of AI: iDentifyMETM “Intelligently” assessing the person’s physical and biometric attributes to provide a true Concurrent Dynamically Adjusting -Identity Constant- of a live person observed by the sensors. Consequently -Learn- more about each person’s attributes enhancing the details compensating for circumstances when environmental conditions like lighting are less than ideal.

The Root of - Intelligence -

Our Intelligent-Algorithm is based on the preponderance of progressive and perpetual observation of life signs, presence and multiple physical and biometric digital native attributes of a human subject with time and place references as dynamic components to enroll an unknown and authenticate a known person.
Scanning sequences of sensors logical relevance of interaction and relationships between readings, timing and variances as well as soft variables are controlled and processed emulating intuitive human person to person recognition.

Application program Interface API

The iDentifyMETM system will sit between the user and Active Directory (AD) or other directory services with a seamless integration replacing current password and other biometric processes.

The iDentifyMETM profile will link to the AD profile to authorize access into the computer system and other IAM management systems. The advanced continuous autonomous physical & biometric sampling of users will require no input from users thus removing their actions from the process. When the iDentifyMETM system can’t identify the user the user’s access to the systems will end. The iDentifyMETM system will continuously monitor the user to ensure only that user has access.

Initially the iDentifyMETM system will run in parallel with the AD and other IAM access methods to build and link profiles of current users during the system initiation phase. Thus user registration will be transparent to the users.

Representative Use cases

Intelligently authenticate the person present at the physical or logical access point.


Ai for iam
At the bank teller window.

Imagine, as a client of the bank approaches the bank teller window they are observed by iDentifyMETM and by their walking pattern gets pre-identified so by the time they reach the window they are positively authenticated as a client. The attending bank teller may greet the client by name and begin the transaction without requesting further identification. The client’s identity and presence is continuously monitored while in front of the teller.

At the ATM machine:

In addition to recognizing the client the surrounding environment is also monitored and if another person is tailgating on the client or unusual mood or fear is detected on the clients face a security flag is raised and the predetermined responses can be activated to this unusual situation.

Mobile payment authorization:

In addition to recognition of the owner of the device during the payment authorization process the account holders live image is observed in – present time and place – while touching the “Pay” button on their Smartphone. This form of live direct authentication foils the Card Not Present fraud attempts.

Representative Use cases

Intelligently authenticate the person present at the physical or logical access point.


Ai for iam

Patient identification:

The ability to positively authenticate the patient in a healthcare environment with or without the patient’s ability to identify themselves greatly enhances the possibility that the right patient gets the right treatment.

Medicine dispensing:

The positive identification and continuous observation of the person authorized to withdraw medication from the pharmacy assures that another unauthorized person cannot act on that person’s behalf. The direct positive identification of the patient also ensures that the medication is offered to the right patient.

Representative Use cases

Intelligently authenticate the person present at the physical or logical access point.

Incident Command Control Systems ICS

Power stations, Utilities, Transportation:

The operator’s presence in front of the monitoring device and their ability and alertness to perform their duties according to rules and regulations is essential. The ability of iDentifyMETM to continually observe the attendant’s mood, state of mind and their capability to recognize changes when the attendant becomes sleepy, ill or fall under the influence of some substance enhances safe operations.

Representative Use cases

Intelligently authenticate the person present at the physical or logical access point.


Passport control, TSA, Homeland Security, etc.

The iDentifyMETM credentialing protocol is superior to personal person to person observation of a live person along with their formal credentials. The gender, age, race and ethnicity and the mood, state of mind and recognition of being under the influence of some substance is greatly enhancing the recognition and authentication process.

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