Cyberspace can be made secure once and for all!

by way of
100% positive authentication of a known person's identity
with progressive verification of they presence while connected!

A game changing opportunity for the IT professional in charge of information security and security checkpoints

If you believe that Cybersecurity is about managing risk or 99.99% accuracy is good enough to authenticate a person and are understandably doubtful of our claim, but curious enough, than you are welcome to read on.

We have an idea and a plan!

Consider; all intrusion comes through by breaching the “front door.” That is the entry point for the intruder. The key to the front door is a string of binary characters. All the impostor need to do is find the key using an infinite number of tools available to anyone who is interested in a phishing expedition. Those string of characters are all static data points which can be searched, distributed, copied, altered, reused, stolen, and sold.

For the IT professional, the one who will be able to overcome the probable political resistance and technological complexities in their organization; we submit to you our idea and our plan!

We found the way to truly secure cyberspace is with advanced “intelligent” dynamic access control technology to effectively block hacking, ID theft, rouge digital intrusion and user impersonations once and for all!

We propose a game changing opportunity for the CIO-CTO whose responsibility is to secure their customers, clients data and for officers and agents responsible for national Cybersecurity.

Moving forward the key is not just open the door (sign in) but keeping track of the person who opened the door and block anybody else from entering through that door.

Consider; today when someone opens the door it is open to anyone.

1.All static data points which are stored can be searched, distributed, copied, altered, reused, stolen, and sold.

2.Prevailing methods can only assess the likelihood and probability that you are who you say you are.

Convenience presented as security creates a false sense of security and failing to truly identify someone can be detrimental for that individual’s life!

Our idea to overcome the limitations of current prevailing methods is to develop a dynamic-progressive person identification-authentication process.

Generate the true Digital Identity of an individual person who becomes the “living key" to the "front door" making sure only the right key opens the door. Consequently only the person, who is what he/she claims to be, is the one who can access what’s behind the door or pass through security checkpoints.

  • Our plan is a comprehensive use of available technology augmented with Artificial Intelligence. Confirm the presence of a live person, authenticate them, progressively observe their presence throughout the transaction and link it to the time and place of the transaction.

  • After all, one person can only be at one place at a time.

Just imagine for a moment a secure cyberspace and that our idea and plan is desirable and workable…

We are a Cybersecurity Consulting and Engineering Enterprise obsessively searching for the Holy Grail of Cybersecurity to secure a person's Digital Identity and Cyberspace. In the past three years we developed a “blueprint” of a digital architecture of a *Hybrid-Analog-Digital person identification-authentication technology.

While currently prevailing technologies can only assess the likelihood and probability of a person’s identity, the accuracy of our Artificial Intelligence (AI) augmented identification-authentication technology will be on par with DNA technology (but instant). Consequently this method has the potential to qualify as Forensic evidence to a person’ identity.

*Hybrid: Fusion of
Analog; Continuously variable, malleable
Digital: Sequentially variable, exacting

At this time we are looking to prequalify the first ten potential customers who are in the most urgent need to secure their digital domain or mend security checkpoints to cooperatively develop and apply this new technology to secure their systems. Looking for candidates who are representing various secure environments such as banking, health care, incident control systems, border control, ATF etc.

Contact us for more details and qualification requirements.

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