Modernize Cybersecurity

Modernize Cyber Security

The future of cybersecurity with autonomous intelligent visual identification technology

A perfect solution to Stop All Security Breaches!

What's The Problem?

The worrying state of cybersecurity in our nations

Our adversaries were able to successfully shut down a pipeline for ransom and almost poison our water system in Florida sums up the state of our nations cybersecurity.

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The current security technologies have no future upgrade path to achieve total security

Prevailing data-centric security technologies are faulty, violates personal privacy, and are bound by inherent technological limitations. Consequently, it can't stop all rogue digital streams of security breaches, false impersonations of a trusted person and can't directly identify the persons responsible for any transaction. The true identity of the active person remains unknowable.

We Have The Solution

The security industry is at a turning point

Our perfect solution is active live person-centered and assumes the burden of proof of the user’s identity. It is an Autonomous, Intelligent, Proactive Visual Identification and progressive observation of a live enrolled person from the beginning through the end of a transaction.

We Have The Tech

Autonomous Intelligent Visual Identification technology

Our solution is based on visual observation of a real live person obtaining a full biometric constant that is unique to that person without needing any data or personal information for identification purposes. Its accuracy is as good as molecular DNA. It will offer absolute identification of the person who is logged in and active on the system.

Works Perfect!

Perfect solution is what we submit for your consideration

The essence of our solution is to allow only a live known person to be connected and only as long as his/her presence is visually confirmed. Works perfect under any extreme conditions.

About Us

Identify Security Software Inc., is a Cybersecurity Consulting & Engineering Enterprise. In the past seven years, our cybersecurity professionals' team researched and analyzed the cybersecurity arena, the prevailing trends, and the limitations of security technologies. Acquired, tested, and analyzed products and formed alliances with the best-of-breed in the fields of biometrics.

Ferenc Ledniczky

Co-founder, CEO

Mr. Ferenc Ledniczky

Security System Architect

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Christian Cheney
Co-founder, VP

Mr. Christian Cheney

Chief Technology Officer

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We are looking forward to developing this perfect security solution for your specific application

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